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     Guatemala Lab



Accurate grinding:
• Purest grinding of different coffee types – residue is reduced to 6 – 8%.
• Fast and easy testing of different coffee types.

Special features:
• Special prebreaker and grinding disc combination ensure residue-free grinding results.
• Special spout with knock off device to eliminate coffee residues in the spout.
• Stainless steel grounded plate to reduce electrostatic charge of coffee when grinding into MAHLKÖNIG-Dosing Cup.
• Easy modification to Guatemala Filter.

Grinding capacity  approx. 650 gr/min
Hopper capacity  500 gr
Dimensions (w x h x d)   240 x 550 x 320 mm
Voltage  230 VAC
Current cosumption  2,4 - 4,7 A
Power consumption  470 - 850 W
Rotations / min.  1420 RPM (50Hz)
Grinding disc diameter  65 mm
Netto gewicht  19 kg