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Innovation & Design:
This new grinder combines modern design with convincing grinding performance and technical innovation.

• combined bag holding and knock-off device ensures that every gram of coffee ends in the bag
• stepless grind adjustment accessible from the side of the grinder

• modern and unique design
• with its compact size suitable for small and medium size coffee shops
• due to the modular structure easy to clean, maintain and  calibrate

• new magnetic system holds the ginding discs  – no screws needed
• reduces coffee residues and maintenance time

• cool and homogeneous grinding performance – as well for Turkish fine grinding
• flexible and stepless adjustment of grinding fineness

Grinding capacity  approx. 0,45 - 0,75 g/sec
Hopper capacity  0,75 kg  / 1,5 kg
Dimensions (w x h x d)   205 x 630 x 400 mm
Voltage  230 VAC
Current cosumption  3 A
Power consumption  590 W
Rotations / min.  1480 RPM (50Hz)
Grinding disc diameter  80 mm
Netto gewicht  16 kg